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I HAVE TO CANCEL MY SHOW SORRY. there are new steps to playing music and I forgot about it so I didn’t prepare. My bad guys

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Must watch video for the care free black girls of the day: Kilo Kish - Locket with a guest appearance by our fave: Syd Tha Kyd.

Get your life, kids.

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Just finished all the slides for my projector comic.  Each slide is a 2”x2” ink drawing on tracing vellum, colored with cut and taped acetate.  I’m looking into places for a slideshow performance, and I’ll probably also put together a tiny book of all the slides in time for SPX. woooo0o0o0o0o

Summers over. Listen to my show and cry about it: Shout out to gaelen for the theme

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I went on this rant in my journal the last night I was home. I guess it was sort of like a letter to myself. Even though I completely disregarded all grammatical rules (which I always do tbh), writing it just felt like something that I needed to do. Poorly written but still important. 

Someone told me I should be a little bit more open. Sharing pieces of my journal and writing a text post on the internet feels a little bit like cheating, and also seems like a 14 year old approach. It lacks sophistication and makes me feel lame but there was something about sharing it that made it feel a little bit more complete for me. Idk. 

This summer was nothing but battling my illness along with other things. But I think the battle within the battle was admitting being sick and becoming conscious of the fact that some things are hard for me (even re-reading “my illness” makes me feel like a butt hole). And I guess this letter was an effort in trying to end this fight. Or not really ending it but helping myself understand that the battling the fear the everything, is necessary. So it’s ok. 

When I went home I knew I wanted to continue this project mostly because I was interested in seeing how it would change directions after revisiting it almost a year later. I don’t really know how I feel about the subtitles. It might be a little too much idk tell me what you think I guess. But now this project has turned into a force of clarification with myself. 

idk idk idk 


Jordan Tiberio. My sister, Webster, NY. April 2014.

"Poetry is an echo asking a shadow to dance."

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Hallo Everbahdy, I would like to be drunk right now.


Il y a toujours quelque chose d’absent

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strolling, ep1 - cecile emeke (see full episode HERE)